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Vintage Home Décor in Tampa

Relic Vintage Home & Garden

Relic Home & Garden may be small in size but huge in their vintage, one-of-a-kind and unique eclectic offerings! Specializing in custom made furnishings, primitive, shabby, industrial and distressed décor, it won’t take long to find just what you’ve been looking for! As an added bonus you can find high quality candles to compliment that table, cabinet or bookcase, you’ve eyed in the store, or their line of homemade soaps that are as fragrant as they are luxurious!

Owners Virginia and Vivian travel far and wide often so their inventory is always changing. You’ve heard the saying “if you see it-better grab it!” That has never held so much truth as it does here! You’ll find architectural elements that fit indoors as well as out and old doors repurposed as headboards or room dividers. Relic offers it all! All you need to bring is your imagination and desire to create a living space like no other! Viv and Virginia are always there to help!

Stop in and say “Hi”. Take a leisurely stroll inside or out for inspiration and if there is that special something you haven’t been able to find just let Virginia or Vivian know what you are looking for. They have a knack for finding the unique and hard to find!

Relic is located at 3517 South Manhattan Avenue in Tampa, FL. See you there!

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Contact Relic today at 813-835-0715 , or browse the website for more information about vintage furniture & home accessories.

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